Meriwether County


Behavioral Health Clinic  
756 Woodbury Road
PO Box 690
Greenville, GA 30222
706-672-1918 Fax

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm EST

Services Offered:
Outpatient Services
Community Support
Peer Support
Developmental Disabilities
HOPE’S Corner Child & Adolescent Crisis Stabilization
Mobile Crisis Services

Customer Testimonials

Clinic - "Love the nurse! Very nice!  The doctor is very warm and easy to talk to."

"This experience really opened my eyes to new things."

"Thank you for all of your service and hospitality.  I feel better thanks to my time here."

"I thank you all for helping me while I was here.  It has been a great pleasure meeting you guys at Pathways Center.  I know I cam a long way from home to here to get help, but I love it here."

"All of the staff at HOPE'S Corner were very supportive and helped me to be able to make better decisions."

"The staff and nurses were great, and made me feel welcome and comfortable on each visit."

"The staff members were extremely nice and kind with all situations.  They seemed to truly care about my son.  Thank you!"

"I feel good with the service I get."

"Everyone was very kind and supportive.  They have great staff."

"I thank the staff at HOPE'S Corner for their patience and understanding.  Our family appreciates all that you have done."

“I am hopeful that my child can now understand that he needs to control his anger, and that will make him a better person.”

"I was very satisfied with the treatment received.  I appreciate HOPE'S Corner and the staff."

"Everyone here at Pathways helped me get through my problems."

"I believe my child now might be able to handle her anger and hopefully we can become stronger as a family."

"I am very pleased the doctor was able to finally diagnose with a specific disorder.  Thank you."

"I just want to thank all of the staff for helping me and my family with my son."