Spalding County

Spalding County

Behavioral Health Clinic
1710 Highway 16 West
Griffin, GA 30223
770-229-3465 Fax

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm EST

Services Offered:
Outpatient Services
Community Support
Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Customer Testimonials
"This is a wonderful place for individuals to get help with emotional problems or for drug and alcohol abuse.  I am a much better person than when I came and it's because I received your help."

"This has been the most enjoyable facility we have ever been referred to.  My daughter always looks forward to her counseling (therapy) sessions.  Thank you so much!"

“Pathways Center is very helpful to me.”

"I think the staff that I was in contact with here were very helpful and nice."

"I am really pleased with the Pathways staff even down to the receptionist.  I came to the Griffin office for blood work.  The nurse has always been kind.  I go to Barnesville for all other needs."

"Pathways is fun because of the different groups and topics.  I like the games as well as the activities."

"I like the service because I like the people, the teacher, the building, and the therapist."

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